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    Electric-steam propulsion system - FASANELLO JOHN [0035] A typical embodiment of the propulsion system is illustrated in the drawing. Included are a battery or batteries 10. Also utilized are an inverter 12 and a steam boiler of a rapid-heating nature, such as a "flash" boiler 14, and a steam engine 16.Learn More

  • Eight crew killed by steam-boiler explosion aboard Norway

    Feb 28, 2007 · The eighth person to die was a cook who had been visiting in the engine room.The other injured crewmembers all suffered varying degrees of steam-related burns. The explosion occurred in boiler No. 23, one of the ship's four main propulsion boilers, about one hour after power was reduced in …Learn More

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    Pulverized Coal Boilers. Our pulverized coal (PC) boilers generate steam power for large-scale global power projects with up to 1350 MW electrical output for coal units at pressures and temperatures that enable net plant efficiencies of up to 50%. Our two-pass and tower boilers can reach up to 330 bar/ 650°C /670°C in both single and double Learn More

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    Other types of propulsion systems Steam turbines are today mostly used on LNG tankers. This system consists of high pressure boilers which produce steam used to power steam turbines. The steam turbine is connected to a gear which is connected to a propeller shaft with a fixed propeller. The boilers use duel fuel, i.e., heavy fuel oil, diesel Learn More

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    Boiler efficiency is a measure of the goodness of the chosen process and equipment to transfer combustion heat to the heat in steam. Boiler efficiency can be defined as the ratio of the useful heat output to the total energy input. (3.1) η = Q abs Q in. where. η is boiler efficiency.Learn More

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    On ships using steam propulsion, boilers produce steam that is used by various components. The steam that goes to the main engines, ship's service turbine generators, boiler internal desuperheater and main feed pumps (on certain ships) is called main steam. Steam generation in a conventional steam plant begins with the boiler.Learn More


    Details repairs of all marine main propulsion plant boilers, auxiliary/waste heat boilers, steam catapult accumulators, re-boilers, appurtenances, component systems or related electronic automatic pressure and temperature control systems such as combustion and feedwater control systems, fill andLearn More

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    Feb 28, 2019 · Bismarck Propulsion Plant The battleship Bismarck had a steam propulsion plant that amounted to only 9% of the ship's weight. Within the ship's boilers, fuel oil was burned and feed water heated, thus producing steam. … Superheated steam temperature: 450º C. Operating steam pressure: 55-56 atmospheres (58 Kg/cm²).Learn More

  • Steam propulsion synonyms, Steam propulsion antonyms

    Synonyms for Steam propulsion in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Steam propulsion. 8 words related to steam engine: boiler, steam boiler, crosshead, external-combustion engine, steam chest, steamship, steamer, steam locomotive. What are synonyms for Steam propulsion?Learn More


    Steam ship propulsion system was deve loped in the middle of 19 th century. Natural circulation in a steam boiler. 1-steam-water drum, 2-water drum, 3-riser tubes, 4-downcomer tubes, 5-downcomer.Learn More

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    steam boiler with related to propulsion. ZOZEN Boiler Co., Ltd. as a professional industrial boiler manufacturer, we are founded in 1988. In the past 30 years, we design and produce more than 400 different types of boilers, such as gas-fired and oil-fired boilers, biomass-fired boiler, thermal oil heaters, chain grate boilers, CFB boilers and etc.Learn More

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    Boiler. An apparatus used to produce steam, either for the main propulsion or for auxiliary machinery. A boiler is, in general, any closed liquid-containing vessel to which heat is applied. It is also called steam generator as it transforms water into steam. Boilers generally consist of metal shells (or bodies), headers and tubes that form the Learn More

  • Bismarck Propulsion Plant

    The battleship Bismarck had a steam propulsion plant that amounted to only 9% of the ship's weight. Within the ship's boilers, fuel oil was burned and feed water heated, thus producing steam. This steam reached very high pressure and was then delivered to the turbines that turned the propellers.Learn More

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    17Best Selling 8t Natural Gas boiler Industrial Philippines -natural gas All Our Boilers are provided with Overseas Engineering Service And One Year Chinese Spring manufacturers, Auto Parts suppliers, wholesalers and factory on Latest Industrial Fire tube 8 ton 8000kg 8 tph gas fired steam boiler price from ZOZEN has built six fully automatic lines for the production of convection pipe,.Learn More

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    Steam Turbines and Boilers likely to be required for marine propulsion. However, the higher specific fuel consumption when compared with a diesel engine offsets these advantages, although refinements such as reheat have narrowed the gap. Fig: Energy conversion in a steam turbineLearn More

  • How do Boilers Work & What is their Use on Ships? - Bright

    Jul 29, 2009 · For example if a ship is a steam powered ship, two or more boilers will be provided to produce high temperature, high pressure steam. If a ship is carrying a diesel engine as the main propulsion system, one or two smaller boilers are used for running various ship's machinery and services.Learn More

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    Oct 22, 2019 · Alfa Laval is not an engine maker, but is nonetheless playing a key role in the move towards LNG propulsion. Alfa Laval technologies and expertise – especially in the area of boilers – are enabling marine vessels to deal with boil-off gas (BOG), which is the critical step in making the shift to LNG. Alfa Laval's dual-fuel boilers, Gas Combustion Unit (GCU) and services form a complete Learn More

  • Classification of Marine Boilers and Uses of Steam on Ship

    Mar 12, 2013 · Uses of steam on ships. 1) For propulsion uses to drive the steam ships. 2) For electric power generation on steam and few motor ships. 3) Used to drive the cargo pumps in tankers ships to transfer the oil. 4) Winch and windlass are also driven by steam in some ships like tankers. 5) For operation of cargo oil pump on most oil tankers.Learn More

  • Boilers: Thermodynamics and Marine Propulsion Plant Essay

    Oct 26, 2005 · Topic: Principles of Steam Plant Technology Learning Objectives: Develop an understanding of the principles of thermodynamics and mechanical engineering related to the design of marine propulsion and auxiliary boilers. Become familiar with the factors affecting overall efficiency of the generation system, and the measures taken to optimize the performance of a steam propulsion …Learn More

  • Desuperheaters in Boilers onboard Ships

    Desuperheaters in Boilers onboard Ships. Desuperheaters remove the superheat in the steam that is to be used for auxiliary purposes, the reason is that if high temperature steam was used for auxiliaries then the materials used would have to be capable of withstanding high temperatures, this leads to …Learn More